Thursday, September 04, 2014

Dexster Audio Editor 4.3 - Released!

The latest Dexster release is now available for download at . New in this release is the support of high DPI screen 125% (120 DPI), and 150% (144 DPI). This new support is important as high DPI displays are getting more and more common.

This release also adds a new label option for marker. With a label, you can add a short note or description for each marker. Dexster 4.3 also contains a couple of bug fixes such as zooming issue with mouse wheel, VST interface not displaying properly, missing markers and other minor bugs.

Please visit to learn more about recent updates.

125% ( 120 DPI ) and 150% ( 144 DPI )

New features and updates in Dexster version 4.3:
  1. New: Interface is now 125% (120 DPI), and 150% (144 DPI) compatible new
  2. New: Option to add label to a marker new
  3. Fixed: Zooming on waveform with mouse wheel
  4. Fixed: Markers not correctly listed
  5. Fixed: VST interface does not display properly
  6.  Improved: Several other improvements and fixes
  7.  Updated: User help manual

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Version History:

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