Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Announcing RoboOCR - Capture text from screen

We are pleased to announce the release of a brand new software RoboOCR. RoboOCR is an easy to use OCR software (optical character recognition) that can capture text from screen, images, PDFs, videos and other digital documents. It can quickly extract and recognize any non-selectable and non-editable text on your Windows screen. Simply select any part of an image, PDF document, or anywhere on the screen, and RoboOCR will process and recognize any text in this selection. The extracted text is instantly copied to the clipboard and you can paste the editable text into a Notepad or any other software. You can also save the extracted text as a PDF document, RTF document, ASCII and Unicode Text document.

Other features include recognizing of bar codes, convert different images to text (JPEG, BMP. PNG), work offline, without needing the internet connection, and option to customize the output RTF / PDF formats quality. RoboOCR supports and recognizing more than 30 multiple languages: English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Korean, Italian, German, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Learn more about RoboOCR at

RoboOCR - Capture Text from screen



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Monday, June 20, 2022

Dexster Audio Editor 5.0 - New Released!

We are pleased to announce the released of Dexster Audio Editor 5.0 which can be downloaded at . This release introduces a great new feature that allows you to automatically create markers based on time or where the silence occurs.

The Batch Automations in Dexster Audio Editor 5.0 is now improved with the support of FIR Filter, Notch Filter, and Invert. This task automation feature is very useful, especially when you need to make repetitive tasks to multiple audio files, all at once.

Other improvements in this release include; larger GUI interface, Windows 11 compatibility, incorporates fixes for reported bugs, and other minor enhancements. This update is highly recommended to ensure you're getting the best performance possible from Dexster Audio Editor. Please visit to learn more about recent updates. 

New Auto Markers feature in Dexster Audio Editor 5.0

New features and updates in Dexster version 5.0:

  • New: Auto Markers based on Time Intervals, Equal Parts and Silence new
  • New: Batch Automation feature for FIR Filter, Invert, and Notch Filter new
  • Improved: Larger screen GUI
  • Improved: Windows 11 compatibility
  • Improved: Several other improvements and fixes
  • Updated: User manual


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