Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dexster Audio Editor 4.1 Released

We are pleased to announce that a brand new version of Dexster Audio Editor 4.1 is now available for immediate download at . New in this release is the new Repeat Loop feature. Repeat Loop is useful to create a seamless loop of audio ( same audio to repeat over and over ). 

With the new Dexster Audio Editor 4.1, you can create / manage your own preset for Tempo, Amplify, Normalize, and Pitch Shift. A new set of presets for a specific purpose eg. Female Voice, Male Voice, Chipmunk Voice, Half Volume, Double Volume, Half Speed, Double Speed, Normalize to 100% have been added. 

Other improvements in Dexster Audio Editor version 4.1 include incorporating fixes for reported bugs, and minor interface design updates. Please visit to learn more about recent updates. 

New Features in Dexster Audio Editor 4.1

New features and updates in Dexster version 4.1:
  •  New Repeat Loop feature. Use repeat loop feature to create a seamless loop of audio. new 
  • Improved: Pitch Shift feature improvement with ready-made presets (Female Voice, Male Voice, Chipmunk Voice)
  • Improved: Amplify feature improvement with ready-made presets (Quarter Volume, Half Volume, Double Volume, Triple Volume)
  • Improved: Stretch feature has been renamed as Tempo
  • Improved: Tempo feature improvement with ready-made presets (Half Speed, Double Speed)
  • Improved: Normalize feature improvement with ready-made presets (Normalize to 100%, Normalize to 80%)
  • Improved: Preset editor for Pitch Shift, Amplify, Tempo and Normalize
  • Improved: Several other improvements and fixes
  • Updated: User help manual

Free Download:


Version History:

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