Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to Record Streaming Video

You can use Recordzilla to record online streaming video.

Here are the step by step guide: 

1. Click here to download and install Recordzilla Screen Recorder

2. Launch your browser and browse to the streaming video that you wish to record

3. Pause the streaming video and let it finish loading

4. Run Recordzilla from your desktop.

5. Click on 1. Region button 

6. Select Custom Region option and click on Select Window

7. Switch back to your browser with the streaming video loaded. Move your mouse over the video until you get a red rectangle border frame surrounding the Video as follow:  

 8. Press F4 to confirm the selection

9. On Recordzilla, click on 2. Video button and select the output video format that you wish to use 

10. Click on 3. Audio button. Under record audio from, Look for "Stereo Mix, Stereo, Loopback, Wave, Wave Out Mix, Record Master or All".

(Please note that the source name might be varies according to what sound cards you have)

Windows Vista and Windows 7 users please refer to this guide

11. Click on 4. Output button and set Save File Manually

12. Click on Record Now to start the video recording.

13. To stop a recording:

a) Using Hotkeys - Enter Shift + F5
b) Left-click on the System Tray red icon
c) Right-click on the System Tray red icon and select Stop Recording...
d) Right-click on the System Tray red icon, show Recordzilla and click on Stop recording button

Like what You see? 

Recordzilla Screen Recorder 1.1 - New

We are pleased to announce the release of Recordzilla Screen Recorder 1.1. The latest release feature greatly improved performance over past version bringing a better region selection tool. This fixes the problem to click-through the selected region area and screen white-out issue when Windows Aero theme is enabled in Windows Vista or 7.

Another important fix in this release is the run time error '13'. This error happened on second execution onwards especially on non-english based Windows. We are glad to announce this has been fixed.

A new option to create html page is now available when you output the recording as SWF video. This will save your time from creating the html page manually. Please visit for more info about recent updates.

New features and changes in version 1.1:
  • Option to create html page when output recording as swf video new 
  • Fixed: Run time error '13'
  • Fixed: Unable to click inside the selected region area when Windows Aero theme is enabled
  • Fixed: Screen white-out issue when Windows Aero theme is enabled
  • Fixed: Incorrect Auto-Save output location
  • Fixed: All other minor bugs found in previous version
  • Updated: Help manual

Learn more about Recordzilla at

Thursday, September 22, 2011

File compression and format conversion

Whether you are on your audio, video or photo projects, you'll find yourself dealing with different type of file formats. Now with the help of Audiozilla, Videozilla and Photopus Pro file format converter software, you can easily convert or compress nearly every file type you'll run into.

Audiozilla Audio Converter
For your audio projects, Audio CD backup, or convert audio for your iPad, iPod, PSP, mobile purpose, Audiozilla is the software you must have. Audio conversion can be done easily with only a click.

Videozilla Video Converter
With Videozilla, you can convert video from one format to another. Whether you are converting the video for uploading to youtube, iPad, PSP, iPhone, mobile or your video projects, Videozilla provides the easiest and fastest way to get the video conversion done.

Photopus Pro Photo Converter
Photopus Pro isn't just photo converter software. There are more you can do with Photopus Pro while converting the photo to another format like applying watermark, resize, rename, touch-up, and etc.
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