Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to split lengthy screen recording

With the new Recordzilla Screen Recorder 1.3, you can now split a screen recording into multiple files according to the video duration defined. This feature is very useful particularly you would like to perform a lengthy screen recording and break the recording into pieces.

split lengthy screen recording
Multiple File Recording feature in Recordzilla Screen Recorder 1.3

To enable the multiple file recording feature, click on the 4.Output button and check the check box "Enable Multiple File Recording". You can then specify the length for each split in minute. When you start the screen recording, Recordzilla will automatically split the recording according to the time entered.

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 New features and changes in version 1.3:
(1) New option for multiple file recording.
(2) New option to configure AVI Video Compressor
(3) Fixed: Screen recording freezing issue when a particular AVI video Compressor is selected
(4) Fixed: Minor bugs found in previous version
(5) Improved: Minor GUI update
(6) Updated: Help manual 



Version History:

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

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