Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dexster Audio Editor 4.4 - New Released

We are pleased to announce the release of the Dexster Audio Editor 4.4 which is available for download at . Version 4.4 introduces a new Expander feature. Expander effects can be very helpful when you need to reduce or even eliminate the unwanted noise in a recording. We've added several ready-made presets (Cassette Noise Reduce, Expand For Music, Soft Expand for Music, Voice Breath Reduce) which will be useful for your editing task.

This update also brings back the option to adjust audio amplification in percentage level. You can either use dB or percentage when adjusting the audio amplification. Other improvements include better Delete Silence feature where you can now specify the silence level to be removed.

Version 4.4 also incorporates fixes for reported bugs, and other enhancements. Please visit to learn more about recent updates.

Expander effects
New Expander feature in Dexster Audio Editor 4.4

New features and updates in Dexster version 4.4
  • New: Expander effects new
  • New: Ready-made presets for Expander (Cassette Noise Reduce, Expand For Music, Soft Expand for Music, Voice Breath Reduce) new
  • Improved: Delete Silence feature improvement with the option to set silence criteria and ready-made presets (Audiobook, Trim Edges)
  • Improved: Amplification adjustment can now based on dB or percentage
  • Improved: Increased recent file history on File menu
  • Improved: Preset editor for Delete Silence
  • Improved: Several other improvements and fixes
  • Updated: User help manual

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